Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Recent Happenings

So much to report on I hardly know where to begin. Let's see, the distributor made their first pick up the other day and we'll be on the shelves any day now so that's a load off.

Brett and I met with Valley distribution's Blacksburg representative Danny Flad two days ago and he led us on a Bar and restaurant tour downtown to meet the owners and let them sample our Brown Ale and Amber Rye. The response we got was impressive, but most impressive of all was Danny's unique and personal relationships he has crafted with these businesses. The man knows no strangers and is a friend to all.

That being said, expect to find us on tap in the coming weeks at the following locations- The Cellar, Souvlaki's, The Rivermill, Boudreaux's, and Poor Billy's. Once production levels out we'll be putting taps in at London Underground, Cabo Fish Taco, and Sharky's. We're proud to have such wide acceptance in our nearby college town and will continue to work hard to maintain and build our following.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention our recent write up in the latest 16 Blocks issue so for all of you Blacksburgonians, pick one up next time you're out.

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