Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bottling and Launch

To all who care about beer:

We've now successfully gotten through the first and second batches of Buffalo Brown and Rebel Ale. I will say it has taught us a lot about our equipment and manpower capabilities as well as some simple methods in cutting down on the time factor.

Brett intrepidly manned the six-headed counter pressured manifold as I sanitized, racked and fed the bottles to him. Our friends Darrin, Dandee, Maggee, Brian, Amy, and Rachel carefully dried, labeled and packaged each and every bottle, manually. It is fair to say that none of this would be making it's way to the marketplace without their fastidious hands and steadfast cooperation. Big ups ya'll!!

Please continue to check in us as Shooting Creek Farm Brewery makes it's shift from a non to a for profit company.

Best Wishes,

Jason Anderson
Manager/Assist. Brewer
Shooting Creek Farm Brewery

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