Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Brewery News

So today we've transferred our batch of Red Tractor from the fermenter to the conditioning tank to ready it for bottling and to also make room for another batch of our already popular Rebel Ale.

Activity abounds- as I write this Brett is tending the boil kettle and his wife Johanna and farm intern Amy are seeding in the greenhouse.

Tomorrow we meet with our distributor's Floyd County representative to visit local store owners and secure shelving for our bottled beer as well as a couple of draught locations. Wish us luck!

I gotta get back to the brewery.

Jason Anderson
Manager/ Assist. Brewer
Shooting Creek Farm Brewery


  1. Just heard you're going to be at Vintage Cellar in Blacksburg tomorrow. I was wondering what time that starts? Also, where do you plan to have your beer on draught? :)

    Looking forward to trying your beer!


  2. Hi Michele,

    We'll be at Vintage Cellar at 2 and I think it goes until 5. Look forward to seeing you there.



  3. i missed this? I should've been following your blog earlier! Looking forward to meeting you at BrewRidge

  4. Another brewery to look forward to when I move to Charlottesvill in August - Virginia seems to be an up and coming heartland for beer!

  5. Having some of your Rebel Ale at Rivermill in Blacksburg right now. I like it; rich, smooth, and not at all heavy. Great job!

    I live in Russell Co. right now, and I still can't get over how it's easier to obtain moonshine than a local brew.